BMMI Episode 023: Scooby Doo Who Are You?


Zoinks! Jinkies! Ruh Roh! What else you got. It’s a Scooby Doo movie. A hard R rating for revenge, skin peeling, slow motion bullets flying through skulls, and one guilty pup that would just as soon nibble a crime scene corpse as chow down a giant comical sandwich. He’s a dog, Fred. He can’t help it sometimes. This movie is about defining yourself for yourself, when the world denies you dignity, agency, and identity. This is the new Scooby Doo movie. Ruh roh, indeed, my friend.


BMMI Episode 021: Rumors of a Storm


This week’s poster is simple so the film can speak for itself. A rich tapestry of ideas coalesce into a poetic paradigm shift of cinema.  Each scene in Rumors of a Storm plays simultaneously on screen. Characters can appear multiple times at once as well as walk through characters of another scene. Starting with a murder scene, suspense builds as we see the murderer prepare for another kill in the same room as friends investigating the body. From the first moment a quiet contemplation to the thrilling finale of a hundred separate scenes happening all at once. Sound confusing or boring? Sorry, it’s art. #GAMECHANGER


BMMI Episode 020: Bigfoot vs the Planet of the Apes: The Downfall of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes


An ancestor from the past? Or a traveler from the future? These have always been the unanswerable questions surrounding Bigfoot, until now. On our podcast Big Money Movie Ideas we unflinchingly tackle the hard hitting questions of life, and this may be the most important question of all: In a fight for humanity against an entire planet of apes, can we rely on Bigfoot to save the day? (Hint: He’s a cross between Rambo, the Terminator, Blade, and Schindler’s List Liam Neeson, which pretty much says it all).

This week’s poster is a ode to low-budget high-concept action schlock. And man, have we got one of those.



BMMI Episode 019: Jet Li’s Eat Prey Love


This poster oozes romance like a liver oozes vitamin-rich blood. We take a sympathetic look at cannibals for this week’s film. Jet Li stars as a solo traveler looking to find himself on a spiritual journey around the world. And indeed, he finds himself–another Jet Li, living another life in another city. And there are more of him in more cities. How is this a romance? Sometimes you need to eat ten versions of you to realize that what you were looking for was at home all along. And sometimes, eating ten versions of you gives you the strength, mindpower, and emotions of ten Jet Li’s, which technically just makes you a better you. Cannibalism! Oh, and we also talk about kuru without saying it by name, and prion-related diseases.


BMMI Episode 017: Half & Half


The odd couple you always wanted to see team up, with someone you didn’t know you wanted to not see or hear. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice three top tier actors in this poster. This week’s film is what would happen if Freaky Friday was a half and half type of black magic, set in an apartment with two older gentlemen just having a relaxing spaghetti night. Watch these artful performers hold a feature length conversation as they partially switch bodies, all while trying to not let the invisible man in the corner know they know he’s there. This is a thoughtful mind puzzle for the modern movie-goer.


BMMI Episode 016: TurboJuice


Are you ready for a transformative experience that’s fun for the whole family? Well get ready to meet a father-son racing team that really breaks the mold. When Will Smith finds a case of TurboJuice in a back alley, he realizes that drinking it transforms him into a car that drives real good. Every car needs a driver, and every father-son race team needs a son. Enter driver/son Jaden Smith. It’s a werecar experience that you can watch with ma and pa, where a boy and his car dad have to win the big race to pay for the mom’s surgery or something.


BMMI Episode 015: Family Magnetic


If you have never enjoyed a Boston Dynamics video, you are missing out. They design robots that roughly look like dogs, giant cats, centaurs, and two people lifting a heavy coffee table on their backs. And each robot has a dedicated space to show off its moves while a faceless engineer stands in their way, kicking them, tripping them down hills, shoving them on ice, and slapping boxes out of their grip.

This week’s Big Money Movie envisions a peaceful farm in the middle of the woods that these robots can run away to, and form a kicking, shoving, tripping robot gang to be feared! Don’t let the tranquil poster fool you: this film gets surreal super fast.